Wedding Dress (Part 1)

lala-mai-chi-long-lay-voi-vay-cuoi8 lala-mai-chi-long-lay-voi-vay-cuoi13 lala-mai-chi-long-lay-voi-vay-cuoi10 lala-mai-chi-long-lay-voi-vay-cuoi2 120207DSAoCuoiMaiChi02 120207DSAoCuoiMaiChi03 120207DSAoCuoiMaiChi04 120207DSAoCuoiMaiChi05 120207DSAoCuoiMaiChi01 120207DSAoCuoiMaiChi07 120207DSAoCuoiMaiChi06

Model: Mai Chi (Lala)

Make up: Oanh Nguyễn

Hair Stylist: Long Kon

Photo: Lê Bình

Costume: Váy cưới Juliette


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